Equipping and Connecting Event

Sonoma, California - April 3-4, 2015



INFUSION is a 2-3 day Missional Organic Church Equipping-Connecting Event. It's far more than a conference.  

How is INFUSION different from other conferences?  

1. Most conferences have registration fees ranging between $100 and $200 per person. These high fees are usually to pay the worship band and the speakers. The registration fee for INFUSION is never more than $60 per person. The speakers are not making a penny off the conference. Their ministry is a free service to the Body of Christ.

2. Most conferences are packed full of speaker sermons. There's very little time for breaks, rest, or connecting with others who attend. INFUSION provides a great balance between spoken ministry, rest, leisure, and lots of time for connecting with those who attend.

3. In most conferences, the speakers are inaccessible to those who attend. The speakers at INFUSION are not only accessible, but they will be spending special time with attendees in special small group sessions.  

4. Most conferences are geared toward disseminating information. There's very little practical help given. The bulk of the conference ends up as a memory in a notebook. INFUSION combines a healthy balance of casting spiritual vision and giving practical handles to experience what's being spoken. 

5. INFUSION'S focus is spiritual depth, the centrality and supremacy of Jesus Christ, the ministry of LIFE rather than information, an emphasis on knowing Christ practically and expressing Him with others in close-knit community, connecting with others of like mind and vision, and equipping God's people to fulfill His grand mission and eternal purpose in the earth.  In all of these ways, INFUSION is a unique spiritual event.

Some testimonies from past Events:

"I have been trying to come up with how to describe it, but can't quite yet. The best I can do is to share what I told my husband last night. I have grown up in the institutional church and been to many, many events that were hyped up, emotional, trying to convince me they were "anointed". All I ended up with was my adrenals overloaded with a roller coaster "up and down" spirituality. There was no hype this weekend, just Jesus. And the difference is truly beyond what I can explain quite yet. But it's real. Wish I could explain it better, for now that's the closest I can come:)"

"I didn't know what to expect. It was beyond phenomenal! Thanks for an eye and heart opening weekend to the riches of Christ."

"I've never been to a conference like this before. It changed my life. Unforgettable!"

"Since we were in the wilderness at the time, arriving at the event was literally like discovering a lush oasis. We had no idea what awaited us there and actually almost canceled our trip. Thankfully, the Lord urged us on and we ended up experiencing one of the greatest weekends of our lives. It was truly Christ centered. We hated to leave when it concluded, but thankfully took with us some amazing messages and some new relationships in the Lord. We can't wait to go back!"

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